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She Said Yes! Why You Need To Propose With A Ruby Engagement Ring

When people think about rubies, they picture Queen Elizabeth's Burmese Ruby Tiara or Dorothy's slippers from The Wizard of Oz. Royalty has utilized the deep crimson gemstones for generations to ensure success in love, health, and riches. Nowadays, people want to capture these gemstones' beauty by opting for ruby engagement rings.

In the Myanmarese tradition, giving rubies as gifts is a symbolic act intended to shield the receiver from the 96 diseases that the Myanmarese people believe humans are susceptible to. Along with sickness, rubies are believed to protect people from evil eyes. Now that you're aware of its qualities, you know your girlfriend isn't going to turn down a ruby wedding ring.

Here's why you should buy one for her.

Rubies Are Tough And Long-Lasting

According to Moh's scale, ruby has a hardness of 9, just below diamonds. You can propose with a ruby and diamond engagement ring, knowing it's strong and long-lasting because of its hardness. Ruby of superior quality is translucent, vivid, and purplish-red.

Our gemstones are ethically mined. We explore the world to bring you the finest jewelry and constantly research to ensure our products uphold the highest standards.

Romina 14k yellow gold pear cut ruby ring

Ruby Is A Symbol Of Good Fortune, Passion, and Health

Europeans believed wearing rubies would bring them good health, money, knowledge, and love. It's no surprise that rubies are connected with riches and power since royalty often dons ruby jewelry on special occasions like coronations etc.

These gemstones are considered a traditional gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Let your fiancé benefit from the success in love and health that this strong gemstone may provide.

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