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Meaning, Durability, and Types of Opal Engagement Rings

Anyone who has laid their eyes on a colorful, sparkling opal can vouch for the stone's captivating appearance. Mystical and out-worldly, opal engagement rings are now a popular choice for brides. Especially those with a bohemian aesthetic looking for a dreamlike substitute for diamond engagement rings.  

Gin and Grace would like to honor October's enchanting birthstone, the opal, by discussing its meaning, durability, and the various types that exist. Read on!

Opal and its Significance

If you're looking for significance in this glorious stone, you'd be delighted to hear about its vivid past. Opals have been shrouded in mystery since the Middle Ages because of their uncanny radiance. Legends about opals range from being associated with bad luck to being used to guard against evil forces.

The Caesars of ancient Rome gave opals to their wives as good luck charms because they thought it was the most valuable and potent gemstone. This kind of romantic connotation has made its way into modern society. Opal engagement rings vintage are ideal because they perfectly capture the special spark and passion of your connection.


You can choose from various opal alternatives, depending on your preferences in terms of color and price range. You'll find everything from dark black opals to nearly transparent opals. Boulder opal is a gemstone and host rock concoction that forms naturally. While Peruvian or bluish opals occur in many tones of blue-green, fire opals are clear to opaque and have warm tones of red, orange, and yellow.

A 14k rose gold opal ring


Opal scores around 5-6.5 on Moh's scale. Opal rings require special care to handle and maintain because of their softness. Opal and diamond engagement rings shouldn't be worn during strenuous tasks like house chores or manual labor.

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